Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chapter Reading

Examining Media Violence
By: Bakari Chavanu

I choose to read this article within our book because it is something that interest me a lot. I am seeing more and more violence in the media today than ever before. And it is hard to believe that this is not playing a role on our students thoughts and ideas on society. Within this article the author has students in her class watch a music videos from MTV and BET that play into portraying women as the damsel in distress. Prior to having her students watch the video she asked them a few questions. She had them circle ways in which they thought men and women were portrayed in music videos using adjectives. She also asked them to circle the adjectives they wanted to associated with themselves. Next she showed the video first once with music, then once without music. Then one male and one female student were placed together to discuss the video they had just watched. This allowed both to hear the different views and see things differently from a different gender perspectives. Another lesson in which she had with her class was on media violence, and how the media never really displays situations in which things are worked out without violence. A student in her class even shared "that would be boring". This statement even further proved her point explaining that violence and provocative shows are what entertains our society. It definitely affects the ways in which students look at themselves and others, and gives them a false view on what is appropriate behavior within society. Critical media literacy states that people make different choice and engage in different behavior when provided with different information. I think this a constant struggle that seems to be only getting worse. I notice it even with my younger kids that they know way more than they should at their age. Especially when it comes to guns and violence.

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