Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st

I grew up watching Disney movies every chance I could get. I remember watching them with my grandmother who said they were classics. The classic Disney movies are the ones I relate to more than anything. I loved the princess movies the best. I loved the story line and the way they put it together with the animation. I went to Disney so many times as a child, and I loved everything about it. Being there with my family, seeing all the characters, parades and rides. These are still some of the best memories for me. I do think I felt a magically role where I wanted to be a princess. However, I am not sure I always wanted to have my prince come sweep me away. That part I really cant remember. I do however feel that many children think they have to look a certain way in order to be considered pretty, or get their prince charming. And a lot of this does step from the types of Media in which they are exposed to. Disney too portray the poor as ugly, and rich as pretty and other such stereotypes that can lead to children to have the wrong impression. These are some things Christensen`s points out. Most of these movies have characters playing racial and stereotypical roles which we are trying to teach our children to not have. Prior to this class I never would have looked at Disney movies this way - I love Disney! I do feel however that Disney movies have changed over the years. Some of the movies I see today have more depth and portray different meanings. I for one am a fan of the classics over the Disney movies coming out today. Maybe this is because this is the time I was brought up in. And maybe this is a sense is the direction in which we need to be moving. I watched Brave for the first time, and it is definitely a different type of princess movie. Merida is very independent, and doesn't need a prince charming to come save the day. She isn't necessarily the example of the typical "pretty" princess in which is seen in most other Disney movies. This movie relates to me because I have always done sports and karate growing up, and I always used to be embarrassed to tell people when I was younger. I wondered if people would not think I was girly or pretty because I did karate and that's a boy sport. This movie goes against the typical stereotypes we are used to seeing within most Disney movies. I would be curious to know if this movie is as like as others within this generation?


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