Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8th

Wesch and Turkle

Both Turkle and Wesch believe that technology plays a huge role in todays society. However, some points in which they make made me believe that they do have some different views on the impact. Turkle feels very strongly in the fact that people are not having as much personal face to face communications anymore. People are more preoccupied being on their phones or other types of media devices than interacting with human connection. There have been so many times I am out to dinner and I see young kids holding Ipads or gaming systems, teenagers on their phones and their is no communication between the family. Have we really come to a world where we would rather interact with these types systems than each other. It is funny that this actually was a topic. As both my boyfriend and I used to look at our phones a lot, and then realized it and now as a result we leave our phones in the car when we go out to dinner. I think it become second nature, and this is why we might not even realize the role it plays. But have those conversations and interactions, and communicating with people outside of technology I feel is an important skill that need to be acquired.
Wesch however thinks technology plays a positive role in our society, and embraces the change. Explaining to us that technology provides us with so many forms of communication, and that this is a good thing. I can see this side as their are certain things technology offers in which can be beneficial. I always think of soldiers that are over sea and their families having the opportunity to see their face and talk to them even for a minute. This is something that without the development of technology would not be able to happen. So there are definitely both positives and negatives, and I can some both sides from Turkle and Wesch. I don't think I could decide definitely one way or the other who I agree with more, I am torn on this topic. I think technology and the way it is evolving can help us in many ways and be beneficial. However, some abuse it and when it becomes the only source of communication for some it takes a way social habits that are important in order to be able to communicate with others face to face. So I believe their is a time and a place for technology, and it should be used when not having the option to have people in front of you to discuss such situations as a whole.

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