Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30th

Boyd: Within this reading Boyd brings up the question if there is actually a such thing as a digital native? Just because someone is born in a specific generation does not necessarily mean they are a digital native. There are many different things that tie into this. Whether or not children can afford it is a big thing I see within the area I teach. Most of my students do not have computers and internet readily available to them. Also the ways in which they consider themselves to be digital natives is not necessarily the ways in which we want them to be able to use these resources. Such concepts like knowing where and how to research information, and how to write documents. Most of their knowledge may be in the social aspects of technology. I had computers and technology available to me growing up, however sometimes I need to be taught things about technology that I simply do not know.

Wesche: Within this short video he expresses how much technology is constantly changing. I could not agree more with this statement. There is always a new device available, and something quicker and faster. It makes it hard for society to catch up, especially those who are not necessarily considered digital natives. I can totally see myself when I have kids having to have them teach me things on the computer, or having devices I have never heard of or used before. Another question to ask yourself is what is the main purpose of these technological advances? Are people using it as a way to communicate with one another more so than a way to gather information. There are so many social media sites out there that a majority of people spend their time on.

Prensky: Prensky talks about the comparison of digital natives verses digital immigrants, Explaining that digital natives are much better at multitasking. There isn't necessarily a rhyme or reason, or a specific order in which they do things. They do not make list and can do many different things at one time. This group relies on technology and I am not sure would no necessarily know how to function without it. I am definitely not a digital native and have trouble trusting technology. I only really use it for school and work purposes and when I do I always am nervous something is not going to be saved or sent properly.

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