Thursday, July 10, 2014


I choose to make a classroom website for my final project. I choose to do this for two reasons. First because I had never done this before and secondly because I feel it would be very useful for the families of the students within my classroom. Rather than make a website for the children of my classroom I choose to direct it toward their parents and families. The children within my classroom are only first graders, so I am not sure working independently at home on computers in something appropriate for their age level. So I tried to think of the best ways in which technology could be used as a resource for my classroom. I came across a lot of families feeling left out of their children`s learning due to language barriers. Whenever they have questions or conferences they usually bring a friend or family member with them to translate. This led me to think of creating this website. Allowing parents the opportunity to use other friends and family members as translators and resources more than just when they are face to face with myself or other educators working with their child. Whenever they are with someone that can help translate to them they can go on the website and have them read to them what is going on in their child`s classroom. Also if they have questions, concerns or comments they can have someone help them in getting their ideas across to me. I also think of the embarrassment some parents and families feel when face to face and struggling with their English, and I feel this website is a way to get rid of that uncomfortableness for some. In which they may talk about or ask some questions they may not have otherwise. Which is great because it will expand family involvement, and I am a big fan of collaboration between parents and teachers. I believe it plays a huge role on child success.

I think digital technology plays a huge role in academics today. Once again for me it was family use, but also getting parents engaged in computers they can also use this as a resource to help their children. There are lots of positive websites their children can use to help their language and mathematical skills. Children love to play games, and it is a so called way to “trick” them into practicing the skills they learned in school without necessarily knowing it. I definitely want to add these websites to my website so parents are aware of them, and they correlate to subjects we are teaching in class. Parents may even work alongside of their child and learn the language and tools together so in the long run they can assist children with their work.

I know working with ELLS in a title one area school limits the accessibility of my children and families. As discussed in my presentation I am not sure that computers, IPad etc. are accessible to my population, which sometimes places them at a disadvantage. Also I feel that technology can assist parents and families who struggle with the English Language. It provides an opportunity for a third party in which they trust to play a role in assisting. Which will positively impact parent engagement and child success. But on the other hand if that third party is not available, once again they are at a disadvantage. I think income and resources definitely plays a role in the success of a child within their academics. We have heard this a great deal within this class. Having had worked in both sides of my city in which are complete opposite as far as high and low income areas I believe I have got to see the unfairness first hand. I think we definitely need to keep working on closing the advantage gap between income level and resources. I know it is merely impossible but it is also so frustrating to see as a teacher.

Being one hundred percent honest I do not think I would have been able to do any of what we have discussed in class without having had presentations and learned about it. Most of the things talked about and discussed I didn’t even know existed. So I definitely at least got exposed to a lot of great ideas. Now knowing they exist I can see myself going in and further exploring these methods when I feel I will need them. I kept a list of all the great methods and websites presented for me to have as tools within the future of my career. Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that when it was demonstrated to me it wasn’t as scary as I often approach technology. I had an “ah ha” moment like hey I can do that. So this makes me very excited moving forward. Especially my website. I never thought I would be the teacher that had her own website, and I am eager to start my school year and present my website to my parents. Also to see what else I can do with it, and how well parents interact with it.

Rubric: Grade Ourselves

Includes a narrative context about where this project came from, what you did and why it is important to you.
Excellent (9.5-10)
Explains how the use of digital technology enhances or changes this content/context
Great (8.75-9.25)
Draws from at least three of our courses themes, texts or issues.
Great (8.75-9.25)
Demonstrates something that you could not have done or conceptualized before this course.
Excellent (9.5-10)
Includes hyperlinks to at least five external resources.
Excellent (9.5-10)
Writing Style
Great (8.75-9.25)
Writing Skills
Great (8.75-9.25)

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